Teeth Whitening

Can I have my teeth whitened at Belhaven?

All of our dentists can provide high quality tooth whitening and bleaching, giving your smile a whiter fresher look.

Tooth discolouration is inevitable over the years as various drinks and foodstuffs such as red wine, tea, coffee amongst others will accumulate on your teeth. This can result in your teeth becoming less than white despite your teeth brushing efforts.

To ensure that your teeth remain clean and white, we’d recommend moderating your intake of sugary foods and drinks and any foodstuffs that can cause discolouration.


Can I have my teeth whitened?

You will initially be invited to attend the practice for a consultation appointment where we will see if your mouth is suitable for bleaching. We will expect you to have a clean and healthy mouth and a good oral hygiene routine. If your dentist feels you are suitable, we will arrange a follow up appointment to have an impression taken of your mouth to allow bleaching trays to be made specifically for your mouth.

How white will my teeth become?

There is a limit to how white your teeth will become, and the best results are usually seen after 2-3 weeks of constant use.

How soon will I see the results?

It depends on your teeth. Some people notice the results after only one night, others will require 2-3 weeks before an improvement is noticed.

What is the gel actually doing to my teeth?

The gel soaks into the teeth and removes stains by a process known as oxidisation.

Will it hurt?

The bleaching will cause sensitivity in your teeth both during the treatment and for a few days after. The sensitivity is usually only mild and we recommend that you use either Sensodyne or Colgate Sensitive Toothpaste during treatment. If the sensitivity is severe, we suggest you leave the bleaching trays out for a few nights until the sensitivity has decreased. We also suggest that you refrain from drinking ice cold or very hot food and drinks during bleaching to help minimise sensitivity.

Will the gel whiten my crowns, white fillings or false teeth?

No, the gel will only whiten real teeth. It will not harm crowns, white fillings or false teeth but these may require to be replaced once bleaching is complete to improve the colour match. Your dentist will discuss this with you in more detail.

What happens if I swallow the gel?

In small amounts, the gel is completely harmless although you may experience an unpleasant taste. If you swallow a large amount of bleach we recommend that you seek medical advice.

What happens if I run out of bleach?

Your dentist will give you enough bleach to last approx 2 weeks. If you require more bleach, please speak to your dentist.

How much will it cost?

Bleaching costs are detailed on OUR FEES page. The fee will include your assessment, a 2 week supply of bleach and a set of bleaching trays, constructed especially for your mouth. This must be paid in full when the impressions are taken. A discount is available for members of our Dental Care Plan.

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