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  • Our Payment Charges

    'All patients are eligible for NHS dental treatment at Belhaven Dental Surgery'

All patients are eligible for NHS dental treatment at Belhaven Dental Surgery.  If you are in one of the following categories you may qualify for full or partial exemption from charges:

  • Under 18
  • 18 years old & in full time education
  • Expectant mothers
  • Have had a baby in the past 12 months
  • Are receiving certain social security benefits
  • Hold a valid NHS charges Certificate
  • If you a’re a student between 18 and 21 living with parents and they receive benefits

If you are on a low income, we can provide an application form to apply for help with dental charges.

If you do not fall into any of the above categories you will be required to pay NHS charges.

We request payment to be made at each visit

This is designed to act as a guide to current NHS prices.  Your dentist will provide you with a detailed estimate of your treatment costs at your examination visit.

Some treatments are not available on the NHS such as white fillings and white crowns on back teeth and tooth whitening treatments.  However, we are delighted to offer this treatment on a private basis at the prices listed below. Click on the image for a larger view

Capture1 Capture2

The maximum charge for a patient receiving NHS treatment is £384 for NHS treatment for a single course of treatment. Any treatment requested privately is in addition to this maximum charge

*Under NHS regulations, if you opt for private treatment on any tooth requiring a root canal treatment the root treatment must be charged for privately.