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  • Our Staff

    'We continually aim to grow as a team, to provide a happy, friendly, relaxed atmosphere for
    our patients and to provide the best possible care and treatment. Our aim as a practice is to
    make everyone feel welcome and make dental treatment a pleasant experience.'
  • Catherine Jones BDS (Glas) 1996 DENTIST GDC registration number 72059

    Dentist and practice owner

    It seems like just yesterday that I was setting up Belhaven Dental Surgery as a one woman show in 2005! I am extremely proud of where we are now, what we have achieved and how we have grown since then.

    We continually aim to grow as a team, to provide a happy, friendly, relaxed atmosphere for our patients and to provide the best possible care and treatment. Our aim as a practice is to make everyone feel welcome and make dental treatment a pleasant experience.

    I am very fortunate to have a highly trained group of staff who share my vision to provide high quality care whilst treating patients with respect at all times. We also like to have fun at our practice and many patients comment that they feel very relaxed at our practice.

    Now that we have become well established in Port Glasgow, one aspect of my job that gives me great satisfaction is seeing familiar faces and getting to know and be part of families lives.

    We have an active commitment to charity and have an annual commitment to help provide financial assistance to Port Glasgow Juniors Football club to provide football strips for the children. This year we are delighted to have the under 11's girls team wearing our strips. We also regularly participate in fundraising for things like Red Nose Day and Wear It Pink Day.

  • W.J.Ryan Kirk BDS (Glas) 2006 DENTIST GDC registration number 103213

    Dentist / Sedationist

    I joined Belhaven in August 2008. I thought I was the the only male dentist that would be capable of coping with all these women, until Lyall joined the team! They all spoil me and I love it here, and feel like I’ve always been part of the team. Although I’ve learned quickly that making them lots of tea and baking them cakes keeps them on my side!

    I love the chat with my girls and my patients, and this is a strong point for our practice, helping our patients feel at home and relaxed. I also do IV sedation to help our anxious and nervous patients.

    I’m originally from Belfast but love the charm of the Scots, its home from home now!

  • Correen Locke BDS (Glas) 2006 DENTIST GDC registration number 103170


    I joined the team in August 2009. I love working with the family that is Belhaven and it feels like I’ve always been a part of the practice! I do break the rules in that I don’t drink tea, but I do still love the chat and banter with my patients and the gang, just as much as the rest! Belhaven is a great place to work, we are constantly supporting each other to continue to learn and to reach new goals, to provide ever improving services to our patients. I am currently on maternity leave and plan to return 2 days per week in May 2015.

    I am an Aberdeenshire girl originally and hail from a small place called Huntly, but I have come to love the bright city lights and have now settled in the South Side of Glasgow.

  • Pamela McMillan DENTAL HYGIENIST GDC registration number 1875


    I’m known to be the mummy of the practice, well at least, Ryan’s adopted Scottish mum! I love working with all the girls at Belhaven, and especially working with/ looking after “my boy” Ryan!

    I’ve enjoyed being a hygienist for many years now, but since having joined Belhaven in 2005, I’ve really been able to put my skills and knowledge into helping patients become more active in their own oral health care at home. As with all of us in the practice, Catherine encourages us all to attend regular courses, to learn new skills and keep fresh with updates, so that we continually provide all the best, most up to date treatment for our patients. This is important to us all as we like to develop our techniques and our aims are to always better ourselves and our work! If our patients are happy, then we’re happy, and that’s one of our aims as a team here at Belhaven!

  • Katrina Hughes DENTAL THERAPIST GDC registration number 175593

    Dental Hygiene Therapist

    After being a dental nurse for 13 years I returned to university in 2007 and graduated from the Glasgow dental hospital in 2009 with a diploma in Dental Hygiene and Therapy awarded from the royal college of surgeons Edinburgh. I also have a diploma in hypnosis applied to dentistry from university college London in 2010.

    As a therapist, I am entitled to perform most aspects of dentistry, including all routine fillings, and all aspects of hygiene work.

    I started working in Belhaven January 2013 and I enjoy working with the Belhaven gang.



    The “meeter and greeter” of Belhaven! I’m usually the one at the desk when people arrive in for their appointments and always like to get the latest chat and banter from the locals. That’s probably why I love this job as I get to meet so many different people! If there are any worries or queries or if you just want to have a chat about the place before registering, it is normally myself that will help in any way I can.

    I’m proud to say I’ve been a member of Belhaven from the start, watching Catherine and the team grow from strength to strength over the years has been amazing. I enjoy attending a variety of courses to get myself up to date with the management side of the dental practice, which helps me to keep the practice running smoothly.

    I do an annual first aid course through ‘St Andrews first aid’ and am the practice appointed first aider.

  • Allison McConnell DENTAL NURSE/RECEPTION GDC registration number 111803

    Dental Nurse/Childsmile Nurse/ Infection Control leader

    I have also been a team member of Belhaven from the word go! Catherine and I worked together in the days before Belhaven and I decided to stick with her on her move to Port Glasgow. She can’t get rid of me that easily! But I’m really glad I did follow her, as she’s a fantastic boss, and runs a happy relaxed environment for not only her dream team (us!!) but also importantly for our patients.

    I am also a qualified Childsmile nurse and have completed the Cleanliness Champion course, which I use to make sure we are adhering to the highest standards of cross infection control possible.

  • Debbie Graham DENTAL NURSE/ORAL HEALTH EDUCATOR GDC registration number 111798

    Dental Nurse/Childsmile & Oral Health Educator

    I also have training in the Childsmile project, as well as sedation nursing. The latest addition to my skill set is my Oral Health Education qualification, so these extra things give me a huge variation in my days. I love having a mixture of duties throughout the day, getting a chance to meet lots of people and help them any way I can. I also secretly love blether, so it lets me get a good chat in! Catherine encourages us to further our knowledge and education so that we can provide the best treatment and advice to our patients.

    I also have had further training, which allows me to train others in Basic Life Support. This means I provide the whole team with regular training in this. This is in addition to our annual medical emergencies training.

  • Margaret Mary Reid DENTAL NURSE GDC registration number 173443

    Dental Nurse

    I joined the practice back in 2006 as a trainee nurse. I worked and studied at the same time and trained to be a fully fledged dental nurse with Catherine and Allison’s guidance and teaching, as well as college. It was definitely hard work, but worth it in the end, and Catherine helped me so much and made it fun and, dare I say it, entertaining!

    I work part time but don't you worry, I'm back to mischief when I am in, as well as making our patients feel at home!

  • Jill McNeil DENTAL NURSE/ORAL HEALTH EDUCATOR GDC registration number 136958

    Dental Nurse/Childsmile and Oral Health Educator

    I work part-time at Belhaven, but I catch up with the banter pretty quick! As well as being a qualified Dental Nurse, I am a Childsmile Nurse with extended duties which allows me to give oral health advice to parents of babies and children and also apply fluoride varnish to their teeth, which is great being more hands on.  In addition I have a further certificate in Oral Health Education, which widens my scope to educate patients of all ages covering various aspects of oral health.  I really enjoy being able to motivate patients and encourage them to take better care of their oral health and getting to know them is a real pleasure.

  • Lucy Stewart DENTAL NURSE

    Dental Nurse/Childsmile Nurse

    Lucy started with us in December 2014 as a trainee dental nurse and has now gained her qualification in dental nursing in 2017. Lucy also got married this year so a big year.

  • Angela Sweeney DENTAL NURSE/SEDATION NURSE - GDC Registration No: 159058

    Dental Nurse/Sedation Nurse

    I joined the Belhaven team in 2011 but I started dental nursing way back in 2003 when I was only 16 and couldn’t be happier with my career; every day is different which makes it interesting.

    I qualified as a dental nurse in 2006 through the James Watt college in Greenock and recently gained an extra qualification as a sedation nurse August 2013 (Glasgow dental hospital) working alongside our dentist Ryan doing I.V sedation which I thoroughly enjoy.

  • Karen McPherson DENTAL NURSE/RECEPTION GDC registration number 232429

    Dental Nurse

    Having joined in summer 2009, I qualified from Reid Kerr College in August 2012. I've never worked anywhere where we have so much fun and a laugh! Most importantly though, all our care and attention is given to our patients, and we always give them the best quality of care possible.

    As well as working in the surgeries I enjoy assisting with reception duties. I’m also usually involved in any mischief going on…

  • Suzanne Stringfellow DENTAL NURSE GDC registration number 157999

    Dental Nurse

    I'm the new girl at Belhaven. I joined the practice in Feb 2015 and I'm loving every minute of it.

    I've been a dental nurse since 1998 and after working in the same practice for 17 years I decided I needed a change and I couldn't have chosen a better practice to move to.

    One of the things I love about being a dental nurse is meeting different people everyday and having a good blether

  • Lydia McGowan BDS Glas (Hons) 2017 DENTIST GDC number 270513

    Lydia joined our team in August 2017 as a VDP (Vocational Dental Practitioner). She is a fully qualified dentist, and her year with us will consist of seeing her own patients as well as attending Glasgow Dental Postgraduate Centre for advanced training. Ryan works closely with Lydia to mentor her and provide support in her role so she is in excellent hands. Lydia has already settled in well at Belhaven.
  • Lyall Dominick BDS (Glas) 2013 DENTIST GDC registration number 243639

    Lyall joined us in August 2014 to cover Correen's maternity leave and will be staying with us. Lyall previously worked in Glasgow and is from Inverclyde so feels right at home with us. He is looking after our patients well and is proving to be a real asset to us.
  • Natalie Mullen DENTAL NURSE GDC Registration 257761

    Dental Nurse

    Natalie joined the practice in March 2015

  • Caroline Turner DENTAL THERAPIST GDC Registration 264484

    Dental Therapist

    Caroline joined the practice in August 2016 as a Dental Therapist. Like Kat, Caroline can perform hygiene work and carry out other dental work such as routine fillings