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Toothbrushes alone can’t reach all the areas where food collects – if these areas between teeth aren’t cleaned this can lead to tooth decay, gum disease and bad breath…..

The Good News is there are products to help-

Dental Tape

Thinner than floss so great to remove food between teeth which are tightly packed


These come in packs where the floss is attached to a small handle making the floss easier to handle. Makes it easier to reach the back teeth than using regular floss.


This is special floss designed for patients who have bridgework. Your dentist/hygienist will show you how to use it

Interdental Brushes

These are small brushes designed to fit between your teeth. They are excellent for cleaning between teeth which have gaps between them. It is important to use the correct size, your hygienist will give you advice on the correct size to use.

Our Hygienists Pamela and Katrina are here to help advise you on the best method to clean your teeth thoroughly for a healthy happy smile.

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